Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Cohesive Business Advisory was created to help businesses negotiate superior banking solutions, and provide ongoing CFO support as required.

The Banking environment is rapidly changing with increased regulation, tightening credit and a myriad of new entrants and disruptors coming into the market. Finance and bank costs are a large part of any business expense line and should be reviewed periodically as they constantly change.

We understand that the optimal solution may be to work with your existing bank to determine a satisfactory outcome. Alternatively, if your bank is unresponsive we can offer options with demonstrated savings, efficient facility structure and a superior service offering through enhanced relationship management. We know the best local bankers in the market, and can tailor your business needs to the right bank with strong appetite in your industry.

Why Choose Us?

Cohesive Business Advisory knows that in this market, access to credit and a strong relationship with your bank is critical. We undertake to preserve and enhance your existing bank relationship where we can, but also provide some competitive tension to ensure we maximise the savings outcome for your business.

We work with you, your trusted advisors and your financiers to get the optimal solution for your business.

Buiness Advisory

If you

  • think your business is underappreciated by your incumbent bank and you are being overcharged.
  • believe the structure of your facilities are over secured or do not suit your needs.
  • are continually frustrated by poor service, a lack of response by your banker or just need help negotiating with your bank.
  • would like to understand what your options may be in this market.
Then Cohesive Business Advisory can help.

We do this by

  • arranging an initial free consultation with you to understand your needs and requirements and also demonstrate our unique methodology. We will review all costs including interest and fees, transactional banking, including merchant/eftpos, FX services and facility security structure.
  • working with your existing financiers and if appropriate testing other finance options with credit approved term sheets. This may help with negotiating a better outcome with your existing bank, or alternatively provide a more competitive option for you going forward.
  • encouraging an inclusive process where we work with you to agree on the best way forward which best suits your needs.
then contact Cohesive Finance now.

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